Digital Marketing Tips To Maximize Exposure Brand in 2019

Running a company in 2019 is much more than just having a great product or service and hoping that it catches traction. Instead, running your business is (or should be) like running a media company first and your primary company second. You need to be making as much noise as possible in an already noisy world.

Attention is divided up into more locations than ever with search engine marketing/advertising, more social media networks than you can shake a stick at as well as the more traditional marketing techniques (we’re talking billboards and TV ads). So it can be a little bit difficult to know where to direct your energy and get the biggest ROI.

To help you get a grasp of the digital space, we’ve compiled a handy collection of digital marketing tips to see you right and help you take the next big steps in your marketing:

5 Digital Marketing Tips


  1. Learn your Audience:

Digital Marketing Tips

The first digital marketing tips we’ve got to offer comes straight out of business 101 and for good reason. It might sound simple, but with half of the online campaigns failing to reach their target audience, it’s time to go back to basics.

To stop the team from losing sight of the target market, it’s a good idea to put pen to paper and create a profile of the targeted audience. Create a description of your audience covering their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Location

On every decision, ask yourself if this will appeal to the target market and the list that you’ve created.  If you’re hesitant and don’t think that it will, head on back over to the drawing board.

You’re not going to sell hip replacements to 18/19-year-olds, so it’s probably in your best interest to stop marketing it to them.


  1. Keep a Consistent Message:

Keeping your company message consistent across all media outlets it vital not only to a successful marketing strategy but the business as a whole.

The message of the company should be something that all of your employees understand and work by on a day to day basis. This can include the overall strategic message, the message that was given during a client meeting or simply the message promoted when training staff members.

Once you start promoting inconsistencies in your messages, your audience will notice and they will begin to doubt the trust of the company as the original message begins to slip away. It’s no secret then that’s it’s best to avoid this and stick to the original company message.

Keep everything consistent and you’ll be leaving each meeting with a smile on your face.


  1. Find out Where is it Best to Post:

Digital Marketing TipsNot every company is the same when it comes to optimal media outlets and what works for a fitness company is unlikely to work anywhere near as well for a fortune 500 company.

You need to find where’s the best place to post.

If you’ve already worked out your target audience, you’ll now need to work out where they spent the majority of their time online.

Again, this varies from company to company and audience to audience, but the key is to not spread yourself too thin when choosing media outlets.

Digital Marketing Tips

If you’ve devised that Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, and your golden trio and the rest appear to be dragging you down, then double down on those three. After all, they have combined daily active users of 2.5 billion – there’s plenty of audiences to get around. 

Be smart with your content distribution and ensure that each piece of content is completely original and unique, even if they are covering the same topic. Add value in different media outlets in different ways to keep an audience engaged and coming back for more.


  1. Don’t Stop Posting:

Due to the rigorous and relentless algorithms used by social media networks, search engines, and even the human brain. You’ll see yourself dropping down in engagement if you stop posting for days or weeks at a time.

Digital Marketing Tips

The key is to keep consistent and post every single day to further enforce the company messages. Keep an audience engaged as they feel a part of the company’s journey.

Everybody loves to see progress in a company or within people and by documenting daily tasks, routines and thoughts with tools such as Twitter or Instagram Stories (which tops over 500 million daily users).

Your audience can receive real-time updates with whatever you feel like posting.

Keep on posting, keep the algorithms happy and keep the engagement up and you’ll be seeing endless growth within your social presence.


  1. Experiment with your Ideas to Optimize:

Digital Marketing Tips

Last but not least is the push to conduct your own research to see what works for YOUR business.

We’re sure that you’ve worked out by now that there is no simple blueprint or checklist to make it big with digital marketing. But there is a very loose structure to experiment with to create the best social profiles possible.

Everything can be tweaked and tuned to allow for different effects on the audience. Whether that’s the length of text posts, the types of images used, the content created for online blogs or sites etc. Even the very headline that brings in clicks is vital with 80 percent of people surveyed stating that a decision is made on whether or not to read content on the basis on the headline.

Spending time in the trenches and researching what works well for competitors and adding a unique style and flare to the work is a sure-fire way to create the exposure that you need to grow a business with the web.

You will spend time and if you’re allowing for it, a small chunk of money on paid promotions. But the lessons learned from getting your hands dirty will be well worth the rewards and the knowledge that you’re left with.


What should you take away?

For me, digital marketing is about creating a brand that is not only completely aware of the audience. But is consistent with the company message – making sure that the correct places to post are targeted.

It’s then just as important to keep on and not letting off the gas. When it comes to the amount that you’re posting and experimenting with your marketing techniques to make the most of what you have available.

Keep on learning, keep on building and growth is sure to follow.

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