Email Marketing Campaigns

How to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaign in 2019

How to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaign in 2019

Prior to the introduction of email, businesses depended on the conventional words of mouth and the regular mailman to deliver a message to their potential clients. Traditional means of advertisement were used such as flyers, brochure, catalogue, promotional piece but all this became outdated and archaic with the introduction of email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Thankfully today you don’t have to spend money on buying stamps, following long queues at the post office all of which wasted time and money for a message that might not get read by the customers.

Email marketing has transformed the business scene since 1971 with businesses reaching a larger customer base without the headache of wondering about the distribution.

So if you are a business owner or run a small business; are you using email marketing campaign in your business, if you are not then read in as we delve deep into it and show you how it can transform your business.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is everything and as the name suggests; is the digital strategy for a business. Email marketing is using emails to promote and sell your brand, products or services to existing or potential clients while developing trustworthy relationships to achieve our sales goals for the business.

Before you jump unto the bandwagon of email marketing campaign users; answer this question – does your business need email marketing.


What is the use of Email Marketing?

 This is why you should use email marketing for your business-

Email Marketing Campaigns

The reasons why small businesses or any business should use email marketing as a vital tool to boost their business are enormous, Aside from the fact that it is easy and doesn’t cost you money, it has proven to be the most effective marketing tool to help to gather the necessary data for your business and even more, it is more appealing to customers who hate to open an envelope in the mail.

Small businesses using email marketing changes your business in so many ways like:

  • Increase sales
  • Build customer relationship and increase trust
  • It creates more awareness for your brand
  • It improves and opens more communication channel with a client
  • You have loyal customers that stay with you regardless
  • It is a good way to generate lead and increase your customer circle
  • It is a good way to target particular demography and pursue ways of making them buying and paying customers.


The Pros and cons of Email Marketing

Pros First:

  • Email marketing allows you to know what works and what doesn’t. It is an insight to making you a smarter business person
  • Emails are operated by two-thirds of the world’s population; this means you can reach anyone that has a mobile device which is a good thing.
  • You get more from doing less – all it takes to send an email is typing, and with bulk email option, you can send one email to several hundred without any bother.
  • Email marketing improves your content writing and persuasive skills to get customers talking and wanting to relate with you.
  • You can track where you email goes, and if it’s been read
  • It is inexpensive and easy to do.



  • Most customers consider such emails as spam and delete before reading it
  • You can’t CC on email marketing; that is if you are sending a marketing email in the same companies, for example, you have to send it one at a time.

Well, the pros are definitely more than the con which is a good thing. As we go further in the article, more stats will be dropped to prove the effectiveness of email marketing in small or large businesses.

It is a treasure trove of information and when successful, gives you a refined channel to succeeding in your business.


Benefits of Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing CampaignsEmail marketing has been around for over two decades, it must be very effective for it to have lasted all these years and even though it plays a major part in the success of small businesses.

The fact that it is constantly developing makes it the ideal advertising option for small businesses.


The benefits of email marketing are:

  • Track your Email with precise Analytics.

One of the downsides of email marketing is the inability to track the email marketing campaign from basic SEO like Google and Yahoo, But because email marketing service is equipped with in-built analytics to show you where the email goes if it’s been read and allows you to address and improve your client’s needs.

The analytical system also shows you how many emails are successful, open or bounced back.

  • It is easy to create and required no technical know-how.

Yes, an email campaign is easy, by using the templates available, you are able to add images, videos, logos, and color to create beautiful emails that will attract your customers.

  • It is Cost-effective.

For small businesses, money is everything and every penny matters. Unlike other advertising means that involves spending money at every step; email needs a good computer, connectivity and the ability to produce good contents that will attract potential clients and companies.

  • It is Faster and Smoother.

Email marketing providers now give their customers (business owners) the ability to send more than one email without it been flagged as a spam email by network providers. So with a single click, you are able to get millions of people reading your email.

  • Target the Right Audience

Sales improve when you are able to reach the necessary customers to buy and support your products. With email marketing, businesses can target s group and pursue their marketing plan for success.


Why most companies are using email marketing campaign?

Even with Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms that target customers, email marketing has remained the number one advertising medium for most companies with a great return on investment.

If you are thinking really, know this, email marketing generated around $40 for every dollar spent that is a 4000 percent ROI; if this doesn’t make you try it; then I don’t know what will.


How email marketing is helping the company?

The diagram above shows why companies and businesses should pay attention to email marketing. Aside from the above reasons, Email marketing is gaining a lot of ground in the business atmosphere because of the following

Consumers failing trust in the social media network platform.

Social media platforms are undoubtedly the backbone of any business at least you have to be on a platform to sell but, studies are showing that most people don’t trust the services rendered over this platform and trust is fading by the day. Email marketing is a direct connection between the consumer and the provider making them a more trustworthy channel for clients.

Furthermore, it boosts sales while spending less on advertising. Allow you to connect with your audience expanding it through direct communication with them. Companies that rely on email marketing campaign for 2019 will grow exponentially than those who don’t.


Is email marketing a good practice for 2019?

Email marketing may seem old and busy but if you want to maintain your presence online, and tell people about your business; then email marketing is the way to go. For companies that invest hugely on email marketing campaign for 2019, they will make create returns and save big too.

Benefits of Email Marketing Campaign for Small Businesses.

Why email marketing is good for small business too?

Just like large companies, small businesses can benefit immensely from email marketing and from the table above it is clear what they stand to benefit compared with other forms of marketing. One of the major reasons small businesses should be using is

It is cost-effective: email marketing for small business is affordability at its best. The return in investment is good and increases over the years. Small businesses are usually on a tight budget, every penny means using email marketing to gain more.

A study showed that 85 percent of retailers in the US consider email marketing a better way to get customers than any other methods. The mathematics is simple – Email marketing + High Return on Investment = A successful business.

Over the year email marketing has evolved and below are some stats that every business should know

  • Over 60 percent of consumers prefer it when a brand contacts them through the mail
  • 77 percent of small business use email marketing as a way to send personal messages to customers.

  • There are over 1.47 million emails sent per month in the US alone which is slightly higher than the global average of 1.38 million.
  • 83 percent of B2B marketers use the email newsletter as content marketing to other consumers.

With these stats and more, it is clear how email marketing has permeated the business world and changing the way we communicated but also how we do business in unimaginable scale.

Furthermore, the advent of mobile devices and improved connectivity, emails is a lot easier to send that other forms of advertisement. If your business is not using this in 2019, it is time to start now.


How To Create A Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

We are gradually crossing into the next quarter of 2019, and one business trend that is stealing the show is email marketing, So knowing how effective email marketing is, we will try to draw up a start-up plan to get you started with it.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Step 1 – Set Reasonable Goals

Goals! Yes, Goals. If you don’t have a set goal or target you want to hit, how are you going to know it works for you or your business?  Write down want you are planning on getting at the end of the campaign.

For example – do you want to build a customer’s base for the business, drive up sales or get more interaction with your customers? All these are questions that beg for answers. When you answer them, you can move to the next step.

Step 2 – Build your Email List

This is not as easy as it looks. There are different aspects to this step. If you are building your email list for existing clients, you can import their details and add them to your list, However, to avoid getting into any trouble with the law or owners of the email, reach out to your contacts for permission to add them to your email list.

BUT, if you don’t have an email list yet, then it is time to build one from scratch or use a pre-made email template. Building on from scratch is good but time-consuming, so we suggest using an email template. You can get one online or ask a developer or email designer to hook you up but never buy an email list, it is wrong.

Remember – Go for simple and easy designs; a complicated piece will just confuse your clients. Don’t forget to add your logo or brand name as the header and footer of the email, so that customers know who they are dealing with.

Step 3 – Content is King

For people that will become customers, your contents are the main attraction. The content must speak and address their issues in the product or service you are offering.

What makes good content?

  • A catchy header.
  • A conversational style body – it should speak to the customers and connect emotionally what they will benefit from it.
  • A call to action –CTA– to trigger their emotions to want to take action.
  • Now all these words can be boring, so add an image that ties to the contents which will also influence the customer too.

Step 4- Choose the type of Email Marketing Campaign your Business needs

The types of emails campaigns are:

  • Newsletter
  • Announcements
  • Promotional or special offer
  • Event invitation

Step 5 – Always Add the Unsubscribe Button/Link

There are always the no-I-not-interested people, so give a client the choice to go when they feel like but also when an email has not to be responded to severally, remove them from your mailing list immediately.

Step 6 – Review, Revise and Test the Email Marketing Campaign

When you are done with the email build up, test it and see how it works. Proofread and review before clicking off an email marketing campaign. If you used the services of a design or developer, have someone else go through it as templates have less chance of errors.

Step 7 – Use the Autoresponder

When you start an email campaign, you can keep up, but as it increases, the work becomes bulky and too much to handle. The answer is am Autoresponder- this sends out emails scheduled at a set time.

Autoresponder is great for two reasons-

  • They can pamper a lead to become a customer
  • You are able to get valuable information from customers that you can use to change your business

These are our steps to starting an email campaign and we hope it helps you start one for your business.


My Personal Tips and Tricks For You:

  • Your contents should be engaging and compelling
  • If you sell products or offer a service, use incentive and promo codes to get them to buy into your market.
  • Drop hints or clues that will lead customers to your website or store etc.
  • Host a free webinar or put up a quiz or questionnaire. You can get a lot of email addresses from here.
  • Offer free services, for example, an email marketing for a restaurant can offer a free dessert or 20 percent of for the first 10 couple to spend over 100 dollars or the usual buy one get one free or spend above a stated amount and get free shipping.
  • Your contents should not be too pushy or imposing on the customer.

Email marketing is getting great predictions now and in the next five years; as more customers and consumer prefer direct communication that some virtual discussion.

Remember that no matter how technological we become, people still value a good real conversation any day or time.

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We provide great value to help your business grow – nothing less, nothing more.

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