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Marketing Plan For Mortgage, Real Estates and Insurance

Marketing Plan and Ideas for Businesses in 2019

Experts have been defining the term ‘Marketing’ in a dozen different ways. Not just that, people working at different levels in a company have different perspectives when it comes to Marketing.

Well, marketing is a management process which helps the movement of a product from concept to customers.

Marketing plan

To be specific, it includes product identification, demand analysis, price fixation, and marketing channels finalising.

That’s not it. Marketing also includes developing and executing a product promotional campaign.

Marketing covers a wide area of the business process including:

  • Communication
  • Brand
  • Design
  • Pricing
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Measuring Effectiveness

According to Marketing Strategy Now:

“The best marketing strategy process allows you to specially target your products and services to the ideas buyers most likely to buy.”


Why having a Marketing Plan is the best thing?

Well, to be honest, it’s very unlikely that any small business owner would get into the world of business out of the love for marketing.

There goes the romanticism around marketing out of the window.

Therefore, marketing – and most importantly, creating a marketing plan – is crucial to your business success.

Marketing professionals love the game of marketing.

However, you, as a business owner need to manage several other aspects of running a business which makes creating a marketing plan all the more necessary.


Top Ten Reasons Why you Should have a Marketing Plan:


  1. Marketing Plan helps create Measurable Goals:

Settling for ‘Selling Better than Last Year’ or ‘Let’s Not Go Broke’ as performance metrics won’t work in modern times.

The only reason why we recommend creating measurable goals is that they help business owners create tangible targets, which ultimately improves the performance of the team.

  1. Becomes a Motivator for your Organisation:

Although we as humans have an outstanding ability to make arbitrary goals absolutely important, you as a business owner can leverage this characteristic.

It will make your team work hard and motivate them to go the extra mile to achieve the set targets.

  1. Helps organise your Time & Priorities:

Let’s do a Reality Check: You only have so much time in a day. It’s ridiculous to have all that time dedicated just for marketing, right?

Well, when you create a marketing plan, it eases the workflow and helps you create a dedicated time slot for marketing and keeping a tab on the deliverable s.

  1. Marketing Plan keeps the team on the same page:

Consistency in the world of marketing is highly underestimated. We highly recommend you to make every team member know and understand the marketing plan.

What it does is it helps the team to follow the plan and deliver efficient results.

  1. Helps Spend the Marketing Budget Wisely:

Creating a Marketing Plan makes you think. You read that right. Every business owner knows that the marketing budget is finite and resources have to be allocated accordingly.

When you create a plan, you take care of new trends and strategies, formulate the customer mindset and the way you connect your product with them.

  1. Results in Better Customer Service:

Creating a marketing plan makes you go through the exact steps into knowing how your business can serve your customers.

Therefore, a marketing plan is important to make sure you hit the set targets and do a good job for the customers.


Top Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents in 2019

Marketing plan

  1. Implement SEO Tactics:

Insurance Agents fail to understand that Search Engine Optimisation is an active effort, not a one-time task. SEO, for any business, is an ongoing development which requires an incessant amount of adjustments to remain relevant in the online world.

SEO algorithms evolve over time which makes it even more important to keep a tab on your SEO tactics. Proper SEO implementation ensures your Insurance Agency an edge over its competitors. This ultimately will help you generate online leads.

  1. The Social Media Advantage:

Social Media has evolved from a source of meaningless entertainment to a hunting ground for businesses looking for leads to cash on. It’s where the modern attention of your customer lies.

68 percent of all Americans are on Facebook and 75 percent of them are active on the platform on a daily basis! Like it or not, Insurance agencies have not changed their mediums of promotion.

This lack of thoughtfulness and lack of adjustment will only make them miss out on the opportunity that social media brings with itself. It’s time to make your Insurance Agency stand out by creating engaging content and actively participating in the online conversation.

  1. Consistent Content Marketing:

Well, your customer base might not always search for Insurance Agents or Insurance Policies on the internet, but that does not mean that you should not put efforts on creating a brand name.

When it comes to Content Marketing, we highly advise Insurance Agents to create content that engages with your client base, solves their problems and makes sure the conversation keeps rolling on.

  1. Running Facebook Ads:

Let’s take Homeowners for example. When selling insurance to homeowners, you can easily target the ‘homeowners’ target group on Facebook and run ads to use Facebook as a lead magnet.

When running Facebook ads, make sure your ads are not just informative but entertaining as well. You don’t want your potential customer to just scroll up without paying attention to your ads, right? Entertain, Educate and then make the final sales pitch.


Top Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2019

Marketing plan

  1. Don’t Lose the Personal Touch:

With the advent of automation and technology, the mediums of marketing have broadened in the year 2019. But with all these advancements and technological developments, the one thing that no Real Estate Agent should ever forget is Building Relationships. We advise them to keep looking for more way to provide value by adding a personal touch to communication.

Today, internet users are effectively using the ad blockers which will make it hard for businesses to cut through and promote their products. Making personal relationships will be the game changer in such scenarios.

  1. Engage with Video:

What’s the most consumed format of content online? It’s Video. When preparing a marketing plan in 2019, it is very important to integrate video. Videos have the ability to convey the message more emotionally.

People on the internet want to share such videos with their network which will help your Real Estate business get a lot of organic reach and traffic. Creating stories using videos will also help you create an outstanding brand. Not just that, create video testimonials and post them online.

  1. Get Creative with Online Marketing:

In the year 2019, businesses that go about online marketing in the most creative way, win. To be honest, creating social media handles and posting videos is not creative since almost every Realtor is already doing that.

What you need to do is design and run campaigns that your potential customers will most likely engage in. Try to come up with uncommon campaign ideas. Keep track of the recent online trends and create campaigns around that.

  1. Create a Real Estate friendly website:

When creating a website for your Real Estate business, always think about the potential customer who is going to land on the website. Providing plenty of photos and visuals is a great way to go.

83 percent of the online home buyers want to have a look at how the property looks before making a purchase decision. Create a user-friendly website with easy navigation.

Make sure you provide them with enough testimonials to make them realise you are better than the agent down the block.


Top Marketing Ideas for Mortgage Loan Officers in 2019

Marketing plan

  1. Right Time to Create a Network:

To talk about facts, almost 82 percent of the Americans look for recommendations from their networks when making a purchasing decision. That makes it 8 out every 10 people in the US.

Therefore, it is way more important to get your name out there online and offline.

  1. Email Marketing:

The Email Marketing in 2015 helped businesses by averaging an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. Email marketing can definitely help Mortgage Loan Officers as emails can be targeted and highly personalised.

Not just that, Email is a direct channel of communication for your existing customer base. One thing that Mortgage officers should make sure of is focusing less on promoting their business and more on the audience’s needs.

  1. Automated Marketing Strategies:

Automation has turned out to be a huge equaliser when we talk about loan officer marketing. It streamlines your marketing efforts and takes off some of the responsibilities – leaving room for other important business activities.

Today, more than 51 percent of the Mortgage Companies use automation in marketing to retain customers. Automation in marketing can be used in many ways such as Content, Email, Social Media and so on.

This helps business owners save time and a ton of money and increase marketing efficiency at the same time.



With the help of the above marketing ideas and plans, it should be easier for business owners to map their marketing plan according to their business goals.

We hope these marketing ideas resonated with your requirements. To keep yourself updated with the latest digital marketing trends, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

We provide great value to help your business grow – nothing more, nothing less.

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