Best Digital Marketing Tactic: Is it Inbound or Outbound?

Building a strategy to promote a business is no child’s play.

It requires a lot of hard work as well as dedication.

But, frown not!

We are here with you all the way.

Today, we will take into consideration the varied marketing strategies and their advantages as well as disadvantages.

First of all, you need to be educated with the importance of marketing for an effective financial success of your business.

So, let’s dive straight in!


What is Marketing?

Marketing in a business organization is often used to promote the business and the wide variety of products it has to offer all over the world.

Best Digital Marketing Tactic

How do you do that?

You do that through a strategic execution of a marketing plan!

In order to promote your business worldwide, an effective strategic plan must be designed which will not only improve the range of your product recognition but also would allow your business to convert into a brand.

And what’s the easiest way to do it?

Digital Marketing folks!

Do you people have any insight on the different marketing strategies which would allow your product to get recognized in the huge market?

Well, if no, we got that covered for you.

Two different marketing strategies we will carefully study in this blog post are supposedly Inbound Marketing as well as Outbound Marketing.


Best Digital Marketing Tactic:

What is Inbound Marketing?

Best Digital Marketing Tactic

The effective utilization of content marketing, search engine marketing, as well as social media marketing, allows the audiences to be drawn out to a wide variety of products as well as services the organization has to offer which is also called as Inbound Marketing.

The Inbound Marketing is considered to be a customer-driven marketing strategy.

Comparatively, Inbound Marketing is often termed as ‘Smart Work’ instead of the ‘Hard Work’ supposedly done in the form of outbound marketing.

The primary aim of Inbound Marketing is the creation and distribution of content.

This is done to allow your target audience to get attracted to your products.

This ultimately leads to the financial success of the business organization.

Some of the famous tools as well as platforms included in the inbound marketing are Content Creation, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Automation, Analytics, etc.

Best Digital Marketing Tactic

Here we will briefly describe some of the topics related to Inbound Marketing:


Search Engine Optimization:

People across the world utilize different Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! to get the answers to their queries online.

These allow them to find the results which are most feasible according to their needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affects the visibility of your website on the Search Engine Results.

The bottom line of using SEO is to get your website to rank on top of Search Engines Result Pages.

The usage of appropriate SEO tactics or SEO friendly keywords often leads to the content written on the website to be displayed on the first page of the search engine which would ultimately lead to your brand achieving fame all over the world.


Social Media:

Various digital marketing techniques are applied all over the world by different organizations in order to promote their content which would effectively lead to recognition and financial success.

The best and most effective way to promote your content is the strategic utilization of Social Media Platforms in order to promote your content.

Various famous social media platforms to promote your product or organization are WhatsApp, Facebook as well as Instagram.


Content Creation:

The content to describe the product as well as the services offered by the company must be really well-written and should magically catch the eyes of the customer.

That’s easy, right?

Well, not always.

The most crucial and hardest work of them all is content creation which takes a lot of brainstorming in the process.


Email Marketing:

One of the other methods to promote your business is the method of Email Marketing.

It helps you to reach a wider audience with the option of sending personalized emails to your targeted audience or subscriber list.


Pros and Cons of Inbound Marketing

Pros of Inbound Marketing Cons of Inbound Marketing
Helps in building long term relationship between the consumers as well as the organization. Inbound Marketing is time-consuming
It has the possibility to go viral all over the Internet. You are in competition with the entire Internet.
It works for any kind of business.   The strategies to execute inbound marketing stand out to be absolutely expensive.
Inbound Marketing tries to position you as the leader of the organization. The Inbound marketing is a long-term commitment.
Inbound Marketing is Non-Invasive. Varied skills are required to strategize inbound marketing.


What is Outbound Marketing?

Best Digital Marketing Tactic

Ever experienced a salesman knocking on your door and promoting a product?

Such kind of promotion is called Outbound Marketing.

Outbound marketing, often termed as interruption marketing, includes promotion of the product or the services offered by the companies with the help of continuous advertisements, paid promotions as well as public relations.

It is considered to be the most annoying way of marketing a product.

Well, people don’t like to be sold, you know.

Although annoying in some cases, outbound marketing is considered to be effective in boosting sales.

People sometimes visit door-to-door and promote their products which is a great example of such kind of marketing.

Ever felt annoyed by these outbound marketing techniques?

Yes, we are too.

But, it is the world where we live in.

You need to attend a lot of people, networking events, reach out to people on social media channels, cold call and provide them with a detailed description of your product.

However, the people get annoyed with such kind of marketing as it is considered to spam the lives of the people.

A huge amount of workforce is required in order to promote the product all over the world or region.

The problem with outbound marketing is that it is really costly with the least amount of benefits yielded out of it.

Hence, it is often considered to utilize the techniques of inbound marketing over outbound marketing.

The techniques of outbound marketing often require calling and giving a detailed description of the product. Displaying online ads as well as knocking the doors of the people with a brief description of the product.

Nowadays, even the societies have banned the salesman to visit the doors of the people due to the increased number of complaints raised by the people in the societies.


Pros and Cons of Outbound Marketing

The Pros and Cons table for Outbound Marketing will definitely give you an idea about whether it is a match for your business model.

Pros of Outbound Marketing Cons of Outbound Marketing
You can control every small thing. Too expensive with little results.
With the help of a predictive model, you can predict and measure the effects of outbound marketing. Requires a huge workforce at hands.
It provides an extensive reach. Spamming the lives of the people.
The impact is high. Low Conversion Rate.


Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing?

Best Digital Marketing Tactic

Here, we will list down the benefits as well as cons of both kinds of marketing techniques and allow you to take a better understanding of which kind of marketing technique you must look forward while promoting your business organization.

  1. Inbound marketing is considered to be a pull tactic, whereas outbound marketing is considered to be a push tactic.
  2. Inbound marketing pulls the people who read the content & if they like the content, they would likely try the product or services you have to offer.
  3. However, the outbound marketing spams people by applying a push tactic to who so ever it could reach.
Best Digital Marketing Tactic


  • The above graph indicates the efficiency of marketing insisting the people to gain the benefits of inbound marketing as it has a scope to reach a wider audience rather than knocking doors and applying old traditional techniques.
  • The Hubspot’s State of Inbound in 2017 revealed that 71% companies all over the world are using the technique of inbound marketing in order to promote their products instead of the outbound marketing techniques which are really costly comparatively. You must know the difference between smart work & the hard work right.
  • In this field, the inbound marketing technique often is termed as smart marketing. Whereas the outbound marketing strategy is considered a hard work strategy which yields absolutely fewer results comparatively.
  • Inbound marketing is preferred by small scale businesses to get big with the help of different kind of digital marketing techniques. Whereas the large-scale organizations which have already have a large audience often tend to use the benefits of outbound marketing.
  • They already have a huge fan following which allows them to promote their products and services without any problem.
  • The main factor affecting inbound marketing is the recognition of the organization. Once, people start recognizing the company and start to like the products and services. You are guaranteed to grow large in no time.
  • In inbound marketing strategy, communication is considered to be both ways whereas in outbound marketing strategy, communication is only one-way mostly.
  • Customers come to you to give you a chance to provide them with the services as well the products you have to offer with the help of inbound marketing strategy.
  • In outbound marketing strategy, the people appointed by the company visit the people personally and give a detailed description of the product and if they seem interested, then only they provide a chance to the company.


Hence, based on the analysis of the advantages of inbound and outbound marketing as well as its disadvantages. You must effectively choose your marketing strategy in order to promote your product.

The correct marketing strategy is really necessary in order to gain recognition over the mass audience.

We hope this piece of content helped you in your quest to become a solopreneur.

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